Texas Students Will Hone Their Skills In First Green Home Building Project

shipping containersCarpentry, welding and plumbing students from the New Caney Independent School district will engage in their first major project of building a green home.  The students will receive support from Piney Woods United States Green Building council who will supply the materials for the project.

A Costa Rican architect drafted the plan for the home which will be built from two 40 foot shipping containers.  The container home will feature two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, a bathroom and storage closets.

Solar panels will supply the home with electricity and the water management system will consist of rain water capture system, a thermal dynamic water heater and a composting toilet.  The objectives of building this green home are to demonstrate to the public the benefits of living in an affordable green home, as well as to improve the carpentry and welding skills of the students.

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